University of Worcester Counselling & Mental Health Self-Referral Form 2019-20 is closed

How to Book an Appointment

We have changed how students access support from the Counselling and Mental Health Service.  To enable you to be seen as soon as possible we offer STAR (Support Triage Advice Refer) appointments.

Please book a STAR appointment as soon as you can, via firstpoint, so that we can assess and discuss the most appropriate support for you.  The 30-minute STAR appointments are available Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pmPlease let firstpoint know some Possible Dates and Times you would be available to attend an appointment and let them know your Full Name and Student ID number.

You can book the STAR appointment in the following ways:

If in the meantime you feel you need some additional support, many students find it helpful to see their GP, or alternatively there are a list of useful resources and contacts below.

Useful Resources and Contacts

There is some useful information and self-help resources available on the University Counselling and Mental Health team website or other sites such as, and   

NHS Worcestershire Healthy Minds ( have some excellent face to face and online short courses and other resources that you can refer yourself to.  Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub have a resources directory (, including legal, housing, benefits and psychiatric services and other therapies. The services included can be accessed directly, and there is no need to see a health professional first. 

Below are some local / national sources of specialist and counselling support which you may prefer to access independently:

If you would like to contact the Counselling and Mental Health team directly, you can email or phone 01905 54 2063.